Our clients are

  • unique fashion designers,
  • designers seeking to produce a small series,
  • large-scale clients developing private label products,
  • groups seeking suitable designs for uniforms.

Our clothing is created on the basis of fashion sketches. We deal with all stages of the apparel industry, from pattern development to organising large-scale manufacturing.

  • selecting materials
  • pattern development with CAD/CAM programmes Lectra and Investronica
  • digitising cuts
  • marker making and printing
  • machine cutting
  • sample sewing
  • determining quantities and expenses in the planning of production
  • bidding
  • increasing and decreasing cuts (pattern grading)
  • ordering fabric and other materials
  • organising production and quality control
  • transport, e.g., distribution of the finished product, packaging, delivery to a customer’s warehouse or directly to a store

K.B. PASSAGE OÜ’s equipment has the capacity to sew both light clothing and outer garments.

We value partnership with our clients. To ensure the best outcome, we offer flexibility and an active role in brainstorming with the client. We will provide support and consulting as you develop your ideas.

We also offer clothing production services to customers abroad. We cooperate with many Finnish designers and large clients.

We offer a quality transport service as we have agreements with leading shipping companies.